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Mammoth partners with amazing people like you to create brand activations that create lifetime brand affinity.

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We combine psychology, art, and marketing to create share-worthy brand activations.

Keep reading to discover why you should be investing in brand activations.

Ready for the truth?

Millennials don't trust you

Times are changing. Millennials are becoming blind to traditional advertisements.
Throwing more money into your ad spend doesn't work.

"84 percent of Millennials don’t trust traditional advertising"


We're living in a new era

"In the last 15 years, 52% of the fortune 500 companies have disappeared"

Harvard Business Review, 2017

Times are changing. Millennials are becoming blind to traditional advertisements.

40% of internet users block ads on their computer
15% block ads on their phone

Winners vs Losers

Winning brands like Lululemon and Nike invest into in-person Brand Activations.
They know consumers want to feel their brand story.
They know that people want brands to care about them.


Winners promote their customers.
Winners create a movement. Touch emotions.

You've got to make people care. What you stand for. How you make people feel.


Losers think increasing AdSpend gets more customers
Losers think self promotion wins them customers
Losers think they can do what they've always done and continue to grow

Consumers are in charge of your brand

Customers expect you to care
Give them ongoing value.
Create memorable experiences.
Personalized share-worthy moments.

The promised land

Create experiences that people remember forever. Turn them into lifetime brand advocates by showing them you care.

Create micro-influencers. Friends & family are powerful. Word of mouth.

People promote and sell your brand for you.

"9 in 10 marketers agree that brand experiences deliver more compelling engagement."


"Millennials spend 5.4 hours a day with content created by their peers."


Magic Gifts

“It comes down to understanding and acting on trends in consumer behavior, technology and the right engagement at the right time.”

ATN Event Staffing

Attract Attention > Fun Brand Activation > Share-worthy Content > Start Relationship
= Unforgettable Brand Experience

Engaging Photo & Video Experiences

Case Study

Show relevant case studies to SHOW what’s possible with Brand Activations
Leverage relevant case studies from Experiential Brands on the ROI of brand activations

WeWork Community Headshots

We partnered with WeWork to give their community members professional headshots, instantly.

Learn more
WeWork Community Headshots

Create a share-worthy brand experience

It's time to invest into what your customers want.

"Progressive brands are benefiting from these evolving trends and the future belongs to the companies that experiment with them most."

Sales for Life

  • Photos & videos that make people feel amazing

  • Trending UGC content

  • Micro-influencers create brand trust

  • Earn trust & credibility from consumers

  • Create lifetime customers

You're in good company

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"Thank you so much for all your amazing hard work!"

Lauren Few, Marketing Coordinator

Let's party together,

We partner with amazing people like you to create brand activations that create lifetime brand affinity.

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