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experiential marketing studio.

We help brands attract attention and start conversations that create raving fans through engaging in-person experiences.

Bumble wanted to kick off their launch in Detroit with a bang.

They choose Mammoth create an on-brand photography experience which generated Bumble branded User-Generated Content.

Make your event unforgettable.

Tell us your vision. We'll engineer it.

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We can build anything.

Show/tell us your vision.
We'll engineer, build, and deliver it.

Flassh: All-in-one photo booth app

We make software for live event photography too.

Be unforgettable.

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Build your influence.

Reach your audience with smart post-campaign marketing.

Paid Ads, Remarketing and Email Marketing Campaigns.

Attract attention.

Design an experience that triggers your senses to attract your attention and start conversations.

Start the conversation.

Create branded User-Generated Content that lives forever.

"Thank you so much for all your amazing hard work!"

Lauren, Marketing Coordinator

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